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Ziyi Shi

Digital Media Projects

2021-Until Now


Installation Art

Bottle of Ocean - The Last Nature

The installation, titled "Bottle of Ocean," is one of the series “The Last Nature”, which employs an Arduino module to mechanically oscillate the plastic bottles, generating the rhythmic sound of the ocean's tides through the collision of plastic beads.


Digital Media


The reason why /Petrichor/ is created is to help people rebuild their bond with nature, find their peace in nature, and chill out and keep one moment away from the quick lifestyle in modern cities.

截屏2022-03-31 下午12.51.11.png

Interactive Digital Media

Touch Your Heart

FILA Pop-Up Interactive Installation


Wearable Product

Portable Ocean

Maybe one day people will no longer hear any voice from nature. So we need something to remember the sounds of nature.


Digital Media

Digital Sky Ladder

All about love and memory


Interactive Digital Media

Phantom Pain

Speculative design, considering the impact of virtual reality technology on human beings in the post-VR society

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